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Originally Posted by jimweda View Post
Hey DetroitHawk. How's it going! I noticed you state that you have a "Funjet". I was wondering how you liked it. I'm new to flying. 3 weeks ago, bought an F-22 Raptor (Hanger 9). Was too scared to fly it since I've never flown before, only heli's. Bought the F-27C, launched, had a little accident, reversed servo's, fixed it and have flown it at least 50 times already and it still looks and fly's great! I've recently taken the Raptor out twice and am doing well with that. I was wondering how that funjet fly's. I want to get one, but, only if it fly's great! How about some input! =) Thanks in advance.

The funjet is a great plane and being you already have a stryker C, you could always take all the gear out of the F-27C and place it in the fun jet. That is the setup i am running and it is a great combo. It flys like the stryker but because it is lighter it climbs quicker and because it has less drag it flys faster. (it also seems to make less noise then the stryker too) It really is a fun plane to fly for the $60. Granted it is not as durable as a stryker C but i tend not to crash anymore so mine has held intact very nicely.

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