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Im guessing you didnt throttle down soon enough or you tried to run the motor while the prop was in the water.

If you try to run the motor while the thing is under water it will smoke the controller even if it is water proofed.

When the prop is in the water, the motor will draw HUGE HUGE currents.

Some motors that have close clearances inside and/or mostly closed housing or cases will fill up with water and it will take a while to drain out. That water inside the motor also causes the loades to go WAAAAAAAY up and can cause you to burn something up when you try to re-start.

The first rule of electrics is - if the motor DOES NOT START INSTANTLY - back off the throttle and find out why.

When ever the throttle is on and the motor is NOT TURNING the system will be pulling huge currents - waaaaay beyond spec and waaaaay beyond normal full throttle currents.

I have crashed in the water hundreds of times since I started using CorrosionX and never had a controller go bad - with one exception.

That ONE time was when I tried to "motor boat" by running the prop in the water. Smoked the controller in under 3 seconds.

These days, if my Capricorn flips over in the water, I wait for the wind to blow it right side up again - wait a minute or so for things to drain - then start up and fly off again.
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