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Originally Posted by DragonWeezel View Post
delta mixing is what you want.

Somebody correct me if I am wrong, as I am a noob, but I believe
V-tail mixing mixes the Rudder and elevator channels. While delta mixes aileron and elevator.

Both perform a similar function using two servos to control the aircraft, mixing the servo amounts based on stick input. Both surfaces down for nose down, up for nose up, RIGHT up for right turn, L up for L turn.

I learned this nice check from my LHS.

For your preflight check, This mnemonic should be used before every flight.

UP, UP, UP, Down.

R stick? R surface goes UP. L' stick L surface goes up. Pull stick towards you, both surfaces should go up. Push stick away from you, both surfaces go DOWN

up,up,up, away=down

Good luck!

LOL @ answering a question ONE YEAR later.
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