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Default Radio, Motor Hook-Up?

Hello Ezra, Welcome to Wattflyer!
Here's a link that should help;
And it looks like the elevator goes to channel 1, the aileron to channel 2, the throttle to channel 3 and rudder to channel 4.
If you're right-handed, you will want the elevator on the right transmitter stick, the vertical movement. The side-to-side movement of the right Tx stick is the main lateral control. In the example I gave you, this would be the ailerons, but some flyers prefer the rudder here.
On the left-hand transmitter stick the vertical movement will have a ratchet, this is for the throttle. Stays where you put it, doesn't return to neutral. The side-to-side left-hand Tx stick is either aileron or rudder.
None of this will work without a battery, of course. On electrics, most of the time the supply to the receiver and servos is supplied by the motor battery (there are exceptions).
So, you'll need to hook up the motor battery to the ESC and the ESC (speed controller) to the "throttle" position of the receiver.
The battery and ESC muct have matching connectors, here's a photo of a couple of popular brands, the larger ones are Deans Ultra and the smaller ones are called "BEC". This is a two-wire connection.
The motor-to-ESC connectors are usually "Bullet" type, available in several sizes (diameter). For brushless motors, this is a three-wire connection.
If you are testing the system with the motor attached, REMOVE The Prop!! This is a very painful lesson otherwise.
Any questions, fire away, lots of helpful folks here.
Good Luck!
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