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Originally Posted by ezra View Post
Thanks for all your help Chellie!

I am mostly going to take your advice. This is what I am planning to order, let me know if this will work with my current setup.

Turnigy 12x5 Cherry Wood Prop

Turnigy Sentry 40amp Speed Controller

Rhino 3700mAh 3S 11.1v 20c Lipoly pack

One more question:
What is a good charger/Balancer that I could get for cheap to use with this setup. I need something that can charge from a wall socket or from a 12v battery. Do they make charges that can do both?

The Plush or the Sentry ESC are great, I use the Plush myself, get the programing card too, about 6.95, you dont have to get it right away, but it helps if you ever accidently reprogram your ESC, by having the throttle in the wrong position when hooking up your lipo to ESC, also get a 11x6 prop so you can try different size props for your plane, you might like the 11 or the 12 better, you just have to try a few props and see, That 12x5 Cherry prop looks very very nice


Here is a nice turnigy Charger for not to much money, $23.95 and its a Balance charger, judging by the reviews, everyone likes it, it will charge 2 to 4 cell lipos, if you want the best charger, the cellpro 4 is the best of the best, its a little pricy, but its the safest charger on the market.


The Turnigy 420 is a simple and easy to use balance charger which can handle 2 to 4 cells and charge at a rate of 2A.
With an input voltage of around 12v you will be able to use wall adapters or a car battery to power this unit.

this power supply should work great for you, you will need about a 5 amp wall charger, smaller wall chargers wont work for you, $9.99

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