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Originally Posted by vh2q View Post
Is there enough meat in the nacelles to mount a 35mm AEO fan, and if so, where would one put the ESC (probably only one 50a esc to power both)
I doubt you would be able to get the AEO 35mm to fit. If it didn't have an integrated inlet bell, the nacelles could house a straight though type 35mm fan. That integrated inlet bell would take up the entire diameter of the nacelle. As far as the single ESC, some people have managed to get it to work. The problem with that is both motors don't always start up. Current is continually fed to a motor that didn't start and you burn out the windings quickly. Maybe even fry the ESC at the same time. It's better to run twin ESCs. I honestly think this plane would perform best if kept very light. Going with larger fans would only make it heavier and performance would suffer.
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