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Originally Posted by solentlife View Post
P : Interested to know how you can say coiling your antenna helped ?

Did you SWR the antenna .. if so HOW !

Did you test signal strength before coiling / after coiling ... at extreme distances ?

Given that you only flew LOS with what is effectively a small heli - even folding the antenna would probably have worked without noticing any problems.


The heli was a 300 class fixed pitch.........I tested the signal strength (reliability) and distance (ground based distance) three different ways.

1) The initial flights were accomplished with the antenna wire wrapped around one of the landing the manual suggested.
2) The second test was allowing the wire to just dangle below the heli....I had added a little weight to the last 2" of the antenna with wrapped electrical tape.
3) The third and final set-up, like shown in the photo, is the one that worked the best.

The ground based tests were performed at a soccer complex where the field distances are laid out....300' being the length of one pitch, 600' being back to back fields (goal to goal).......LOS vertical distance of approx. 80' due to field light post heights of 40', which we doubled in flight.

The first two tests applied gave us intermittent signals after around 450'......the last test provided no signal interruption through and past the second soccer field......all performed at the same site, back to environmental conditions would not come into play.......there were no other RC devices at the site during our testing.

I've never flown that particular heli more 650' away horizontally or 100' vertically, due to it's size and lite weight..........the reason I tested the signal issue, in the first place, was due to constant glitches I was getting with the suggested (manual) antenna install........I had seen a similar antenna set-up on a gasser at the club..........but was a newbie at the time and didn't ask a lot of questions from guys who were a little indifferent to electric fixed pitch
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