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Default Antenna length

R/C Antenna Experiments
Does Rx Antenna Length Really Matter?

FWIW, I have a Weasel slope plane, full length 72" antenna is coiled around a plastic 'bobbin' as describe in an earlier post, with about 8"-10" running straight back and trailing just a bit. I've had it out as far as I care to (spec'ed out) and it seems to work OK. Berg 4-ch RX. I think the Berg's work better than many. I also have a couple GWS 4-ch that come stock with a 39" antenna and on a pretty wide open (Slow Stick) fuse I've had trouble with signal at 300'. JR7202 TX-yep, still on that same old system and it works fine.

Buddy uses a similar Berg setup on his Weasel. He kept losing a signal at around 150'. We found the antenna had broke at the RX solder joint, that is no antenna at all. Soldered back on, works fine.
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