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Build Review $50.00 Scratch Build Contest, It has Begun :)

Hi Everyone What I am Proposing is a $50.00 Scratch Build Contest, The $50.00 limit will be for the Airframe, Landing Gear, cowl, covering & canopy only if purchased, The power system is your choice and is not part of the $50.00 build, here are the Rules.

1. plane or flying wing or air boat to be made from Foam, Balsa , coroplast, cardboard or even Bamboo, It does not matter what you build with, its your choice.
2. must be E Power
3. after market plastic Cowl and Canopy can be used as part of the $50.00 budget. covering is part of the $50.00 Budget.
4. 60 days to get r done
5. 2 week judging period by Wattflyer members after the 60 day build time.
6. a build thread on the Contest Entry and itemize the parts cost, The only parts that Need to be Itemized is the building material that is purchased, foam, balsa, cowl, covering, canopy, and LG, everything else is a given, and does not have to be Itemized. if the cowl and canopy is made from scrap plastic, they do not have to be itemized, only what is purchased.
7. servos, wiring, hinges, battery, Receiver, Transmitter, motor, esc,prop, paint, glue, decals, stickers, Shipping are not part of the $50.00 budget they do not have to be Itemized.
8. a video to show how well the plane flies
9. Appearance will be 50% of the Judging and Aircraft’s Performance will account for the other 50%
10. Altered Kits and Plans can be used, it does not matter how the parts are cut out, laser, knife Etc, This is to make it easy for the newbie Builder starting out to encourage them to Build in a contest and be successful.
11. Please, Dont harass a fellow builder, If anyone has any issues, PM me. I am allowing a lot of Leniency in this contest to make it fun and thats the way it should be.
12. (Added ) Ok to Frankenstein old air plane parts as long as its only 50% of the Build, the other 50% must be a new build. This may help to attract more builders.

Official Start Date is Sept 6 2013
End Date Nov. 6 2013, Extended to Nov. 15 due to Bad Weather is some Parts of the Country.

Added :

If Weather in some parts of the country get bad, I will extent the contest time so everyone can maiden and fly and video their plane, just let me know. I want to make sure everyone gets a chance to fly their creation, Take care, Chellie

The Winner will get a Brand new Turnigy 2200mah 20-30C 3 cell lipo from me. and a Scratch Building Award Icon.
2nd Place Winner will get a AX2308N 1800kv Powerful Micro motor, I love this motor with a 30 amp esc and a APC 7x6 prop, I run them at 20+ amps all day long and they love it http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/s...cro_Motor.html Here is Kosh with this 1800kv micro motor in a pusher plane with a 7x6 APC prop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgV17GlLMlI and they get a Scratch Builder award Icon.

3rd Place get a Scratch Builder Award Icon and Bragging rights
and all builders get Bragging Rights LOL

$50 dollar scratchbuilt contest entry Cassutt

$50.00 Scratch Build Contest Entry - Clancy's Lady Bug rev. B

$50.00 Scratch Build Contest Entry - F7F Tigercat

My $50 scratch build entry, "Tiny"

$50.00 Scratch Build Contest Entry, Tom Swift's '57 pusher jet.....Galaxie

$50.00 Scratch Build Contest - Fokker V25

$50.00 Scratch Build Contest Entry, Antonov An-2

$50.00 Contest Entry Albatross

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