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Originally Posted by quorneng View Post
This might be a bit of a cheat but excluding the rx.

2805 motor 4.58
10A ESC 5.50
7x4 prop 0.63
prop adapter 0.74
servo lead 0.91
delivery 2.60
3x 3.7g servo 5.25 inc delivery
2mm Depron 2.99 collected from LMS
UHU POR 2.99 "
U/C wire 1.45 "
Paint 1.98 collected from local DIY store
Total 29.68
or $46.21

Plus a small bit of 0.8 mm sheet balsa, some salvaged clear plastic sheet from packaging, 3 paper clips and of course quite a number of hours!
Hi The only thing you need to Itemize is the airframe building material, landing gear , cowl, canopy and any covering material that you bought, for the basic Airframe, you dont have to Itemize the power system, servos, wires, glue, motor, prop, all that is a given, you dont even have to include the shipping, all that you have to itemize and show from your list is the 2mm depron if you make parts from scrap plastic, like a windshield, cowl or canopy, it does not have to be itemized, you did not pay for it, its a given freebie I Did not want to be to restrictive so people can build a super nice plane but yet have a cap so its fair to other people,

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