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I never did try the pulley hi-start system.

Zip starts, as he is using it, are also called upstarts, basically short hi-starts. Note that some of his are very very strong and will tear the wings off of non-competition gliders. You could use the first one, 15' of 3M rubber but it is going to give you a very short launch.

Based on the planes you mentioned you want the 3M model. Remember you don't have to pull it all the way back. You can do a partial pull to get lower tension but if that is not enough and you are already at 3X pull, you are sunk.

Since you seem to want a shorter one, get the 50 foot rubber option. You will pull that 150 feet at full pull or 100 feet at partial pull. He includes 250 feet of line. If that is too much you can cut it and put in a 75 pound snap swivel so you can have less or more line.

In my full size hi-start I have 100 feet of rubber with 250 feet of line, snap swivel, 150 feet of line, snap swivel, 100 feet of line. This way i can adjust to the size of the field.
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