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Originally Posted by AEAJR View Post
Do used ones ever become available? Of course. I would check Craig's list, e-bay and the buy/sell area of www.rcgroups.com as they have a large sailplane community.

New ones are typically around $500, I think. Then you need a car battery, turn around, pedal, line. I have my own so I have not been in the market.


What is wrong with a hi-start?
I do not think anything is wrong with a HS. I guess I am looking at all of my options.

When NE sail ( ) was around, I bought a Graphite from Sal ( )
This was in the mid 90's. I did this with my son back in those days. I actually don't remember much, but from what I do remember we had very little success. So then we motorized the beast. The then very expensive motor did not last that long. I think it was an Aveox. We also had the extreme displeasure of fighting ni-cads, poor chargers. Not to mention the added weight of the batteries and motor. Oh, sure it worked, but I do not remember much success finding a thermal. The Graphite seemed very fragile because the least amount of up elevator at speed and the wings would bend. I seem to remember having to walk alot. I know compared to now, I knew nothing about the art of flying a sailplane. When I got into discuss launch in ~ 2002 time frame, I then had access to the internet. With all of that information, I had success with the DLG. 3D was just starting and we both became good at it. There were very few ( VERY FEW) electric planes. We flew 45 size YS motors on tuned pipes attached to the Morris Hobby Sudohkoi (sp). Great fun and we flew several times a week. I so wanted success with gliders, but after Sal's questionable advise, the fact that I just spent north of $4,000. to soar, I did not feel like the Eagle I envisioned... more like a Turkey did I feel.

I guess when it comes to a HS vs Wench, they will both use up space at the flying club. Its a small club with less than 25 members. Most of them fly pattern and not that often. So I often have the field to myself, specially since I can go anytime, and not just weekends.

I think I should look on RC groups since they have a large glider contingent and weight the pro's and con's of all methods of launch.

I am thinking that with todays electric set-up's, and since ballast is required anyway, the electric would solve all of the issues if the plane's ability to stay aloft does not suffer from adding the electric motor. Talking to Soaring USA only causes more questions. I wonder how much are they trying to sell gear vs looking at all options.
There are no gliders with in a 5-8 hour hour drive. So the only way I can find answers is via threads like this. I also do not have money to just try different things. I have to make the best decision that works for me. Thank you for your help!
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