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Thanks for the links to the wench's. The LBW seems to be the best choice considering costs and completeness. I am MUCH MUCH more inclined to go with a HighStart from Aerofoam. OK... here is my line of thought... please tell me where i am wrong ( or right) as the case may be.

Todays top gliders, Pike, Explorer, Shadow, Sharon ( who else am I missing?) can be simply hand launched and sometimes find lift then soar to ones heart content. Well anyway from what I have found on You Tube. So with a modest boost from a HS to 100 to 200 feet, soaring WILL happen ( unless conditions are NON soar PERIOD).

In the 1990s and early 2000's Lipo and motor-combo that weigh less than ballast did not exist. So wouldn't a motor/lipo set up set up solve everything. That is unless the glider will come down sooner with the motor.... all things being equal.
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