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Originally Posted by meesier42 View Post
so I am getting started in 3D flying and just got started with a Spektrum DX6i. Well I noticed something that has to be the radio that I don't understand and hopefully someone here can help me understand and possibly overcome.

I have the r/l ailerons set to the ail/aux1 channel on the AR6100 rx. I have the dual aileron enabled on the tx.

when I set the travel limits to 60% on the aileron/flap channels, this limits the throw to ~1" which I feel is controllable for now. BUT. the left aileron has 1" up travel, but full throw on the down! the right doesn't do this and is acting symmetrically. Now, there is a trick to make them symmetrical, using the D/R & Expo, but I should be able to do this in either mode.

Is there something that I don't know about setting the travel limits that will keep the throws symmetrical.
Are you using the travel adjustments to limit throws when you could be using dual rates to do this for you, or are you trying to set a throw range now and then use dual rates from within that range?

Are you using the differential setting at all?
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