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Default RTF: $175 (OBO) and I will cover 50% of freight - AcroMaster 3D by Multiplex

1-24-2013 addition: I will share 50% of shipping cost. It is all boxed and ready to go.I had a lot of activity raight after I posted but all needed shipping. So I accepted an offer and once I had it ready to ship the buyer backed out. I hope offering to share 50% of the freight will return the interest.

I need a winter build project. If it isn’t raining then the wind in blowing out of the north at a speed far beyond what my piloting skills can deal with. Combine that with a work week where I leave before the sun comes up and get home after it goes down.

So I figure a great solution is a winter build but the wife says there just isn’t enough room for another airplane in the space allotted for such things. And she is right. Problem is I only have a couple of planes and love them all. Long story short my AcroMaster is for sale.

Receiver ready, the following is included, add receiver and ready to fly:
  • Plane: Kit Price $132.00
From the Multiplex website, “Become a 3D expert with the AcroMaster! Multiplex proudly announce the first quiet electric plane that looks and flies like a .30 size 3D balsa plane but with the durability of ELAPOR Foam construction. Designed by Aerobatic Champion Martin Muller, the AcroMaster combines the ultimate in 3D flight capabilities with Multiplex's reputation for easy to build, easy to fly and very tough foam airplanes. Whether you are looking for a Sport Flyer, a Pattern Plane or pure 3D thrills, the handsome AcroMaster will satisfy your needs.”
Model Specifications


43 in.

Wing Area:

583 sq. in.

Wing Loading:

7.9 - 8.6 oz. | sq. ft.

Fuselage Length:

45 in.

Weight (English):

32 oz. to 35 oz.

Flight Characteristics:

3D, Pattern

Build Note: During build, before fuselage halves were joined, I reinforced the inside of the nose by laminating it with lite cloth fiberglass as described on RCGroups.com. As a result I have never experience any strength issues in this area.
  • Carbon Fiber Landing Gear: Original Price $20.00 I did the carbon fiber landing gear upgrade as found on RCGroups.com. Before assembling fuselage you cut a channel in each fuselage half where landing gear will end up. You then take a piece of lite ply with blind nuts inserted, and glue it into this channel when gluing fuselage halves together. This embeds the lite ply and blind nuts in the fuselage. I know use Dubro plastic bolts to bolt carbon fiber gear to fuselage. It works great. Never experienced the problems that people have with stock gear.
  • Motor:
TR 35-42C 1100kv Brushless Outrunner Orig. Price 20.00
Model: TR35-42C
Input Voltage : 7.4V~14.8V (2~4S Li-po)
Kv : 1100 rpm/V within 10%
Current capacity : 45A/30s
Dimensions : 35mm X 42mm / 1.38in X 1.65in
Shaft diameter : 4mm / 0.16in
Weight : 132g
Number of poles/magnets : 14
Recommended model weight : 1000~2300g / 35~81oz

Power equivalent : .30 to .35 IC glow engine
  • ESC: Plush 60amp Speed Controller Original Price $32.11
Cont Current: 60A
Burst Current: 80A
BEC Mode: Switching
BEC : 5v / 3A
Input: 5.6v-22v
Weight: 60g

Size: 80x31x14mm
  • Servos: Hitec
2 @ HS-85BBOriginal Price $20.00 each = $40.00
2 @ HS-55 Original Price $10.00 each = $20.00
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