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Default Sale fell through

Boy I really need to sell this now and get a winter build going. On Tuesday managment showed up at the office unexpectedly which is never a good thing.
Before they were done they had laid everyone but me off and told me that the office would be closed by end of the month and I would have to work from home. How long till the next shoes drops?

I previously though I had this plane sold but buyer wanted me to ship it and I had zero experience. But based on his "it is really easy, won't cost $20 or $30" I accpeted his offer.

This plane is foam, with motor and spinner removed the fuselage is almost 46" long. So I found a really heavy duty 46" long box, cut it down to 14" tall for tail height, and 24" wide for elevator span.

I dissassembled the plane and boxed it really well. I assure you it will not get damaged if I can help it.

Then I go to ship it. Due to the 46" length, a length that cannot be altered since the fuselage is one solid piece of foam, shipping is $90 to $100. This is when the sale fell apart as the buyer had no idea, nor did I have an idea, shipping would cost this much.

The result is experience. That and the plane is now disassembled and boxed for shipping.

So I am once again taking offers
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