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Here is a very good video from one of the masters of 3D flight. It'll give you an idea of what 3D flying is:

There is also different types of 3D flying as well. The old school traditional 'flying on the prop' style and the new high energy 3DXA. This is a video of 3DXA:

3DXA relies more on flying on the wing and keeping forward momentum- high energy. The traditional 3D flying and the new 3DXA really are polar opposites of each other as far as "3D Flying" goes. On one hand, you have guys that try to fly an airplane as low and slow as they can, sometimes dragging control surfaces on the ground, and on the other hand you have guys that try to make an airplane bend the wings, roll faster than anything else out there, and burn up as much fuel as fast as they can.

Airplane designs also vary all across the spectrum as well. You have companies like Pilot RC or Carden which are old school style 3D airplanes, light strong and floaty, and then you have other companies like Extreme Flight or 3D Hobby Shop which make extremely strong, super durable high energy style 3D airplanes that don't float as well. So when you decide on a 3D airplane you have to take a look at what you're looking for when it comes to a flight envelope and how you want the airplane to perform.
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