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I consider myself a traditional model flyer. Having done Shows / Displays / Team flying etc. in years gone by.

About 2 year ago - I actually changed my mind about my dislike of 3D flying. I basically regarded it as an offshoot and not really for me. Then I got hold of a 3D machine (sadly not as capable as it should have been due to previous owners poor set-up) .. and I was on that slippery path.

Its a skill set that is pushing my limits again. I still enjoy my 'traditional' flying.

3D is not as easy as it appears .. that's my opinion ... as I am still getting to terms with it.

A comment was made earlier about Slope Soaring (term used was Bluff soaring) ............. now that was where I really learnt to model fly. Nose down, forward speed ... etc. etc. I miss SS now as Latvia has no real slope sites being a near flat landscape. Sloping teaches flying and how to maintain flight ... without that 'fan' on the front dragging you round.
But it's much easier than 3D work ... my opinion anyway.
Sloping teaches so much about model flying ... its worth people having a go ..

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