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Default Nijet2 - Own Design

Nijet was never a success ages ago ... the weight was too high and the overall form was eye-catching but didn't perform as expected. Roll on about 4 years and I have another Nijet idea ...

Nijet(1) was originally to be a small model but with a 70mm EDF in it to produce a ballistic model .. which then became a pusher prop machine. UGH !! Nice looking but a failure.

Nijet2 is part built now and I have sat pondering how to power it ..... and the idea of twin 40 - 50mm EDF's ... one each side of fuselage (F15 style) under the wing root. There is a new 40mm 4S EDF unit in HK that looks interesting and IF it delivers even 1/2 what it claims - a pair would push this baby well ....

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