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Originally Posted by bredler View Post
I bought a used Hosemonster which seems to be in good shape. It was advertised as a 3m bungee but is actually a 2m comp bungee. It is in two 50' sections so I can run, one, two parallel, or two serial.

I have an Oly III (3.4m, 1066 sq in wing area, 60 oz/3.75 lb) that I just built which has the CG at the location listed on the plans, and the tow hook at or slightly behind that. When I hang the plane upside down from the tow hook it is *slightly* nose down but roughly 8 grams on the tail corrects that to dead level.

This will be my first high start! I measure that 3.3x stretch gives me 10lb of force. Running the rubber in parallel gives me ~14 lbs at 2x stretch.

Any tips for first launch after hand toss trimming?
First, read the first post as it has a full set of instructions for launching with a bungee/hi-start. Step by step.

having the tow hook behind the CG is dangerous. I would not start with it there. Even my competition gliders have the hook slightly forward of the CG. As is outlined in the first post, I suggest you start with the hook well forward, maybe 1/2 inch, even 3/4 of an inch forward of the CG. Then, as you gain confidence, you can move it back.
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