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Originally Posted by Nitro Blast View Post
+1 Bill.

I love my Alfa Corsair. It out performs all the bannana's and parkzones like crazy.

Super dureable too.. I've horsed around with it and even had a mid air, only to hit it with a little CA and filler on a wingtip.

All I gotta do is point up and go to full military power.... those other planes simply watch me leave them for the clouds.
Very true Nitro blast. I really went off parkzone stuff for it's overpriced and over rated products, although thousands of Wattflyer posters would have you believe that they are the best. When the Australian company S&B models went out of business with their warbirds about 3 years ago, due the factory being destroyed in a cyclone, I kicked myself for not buying more of their kits. Their Spitfire in particular would eat any of the chinese foamies for breakfast. They still make the Me 163 Komet though
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