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Question Phoenix-10 rapid beeping, then will start?

I have a Phoenix-10 hooked to a Little Screamer motor. I don't know exactly what model of motor it is, I was just told it was a LS.

I downloaded the latest Castle software for both my link & the ESC, and installed both.

Here's the problem; on 7.4 v after I arm the ESC, at absolute low stick, every thing is quiet, when I try to advance throttle, I get a series of very rapid beeps, and the prop just bouncing back and forth, about 1/2", then at 1/2 to 3/4 stick it suddenly starts spinning, sometimes it takes full throttle stick, then it starts.

On 11.1 it starts a little better but not like my other motors, still beeps, and takes 1/4-1/2 stick before it will start turning.

What do I adjust to make the motor start reliably? In the air I can't finger start it like I can on the bench, when it is beeping.

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