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Originally Posted by xmech2k View Post
Looking for a little help. I sent a customer support request on the HeadsUpRC new site, but haven't got a response after several days. Perhaps a site problem?

Anyway, I just received a Power Up 180 Sport outrunner from them, and it's pulling too many amps compared to their specs on their site. And getting warm.

With that motor, I'm using a GWS5043 prop, a HURC 7 amp ESC, and 2s 500mah 35c battery. According to their chart, it should be pulling 2.5A, but I'm reading 5.6A! They rate the motor at 3.5A max for 30 seconds, so I only ran it for a moment to get the reading.

So I'm wondering, is their chart mis-printed, faulty motor, anything I did? I'm just looking for a power system for my Zeke's Park Scale Models Mini Drake. It calls for a "10g brushless outrunner w/5x4.3 prop and a 6A esc". I thought this would be the perfect motor.

I'm never gonna get this electron thing...
These motors are far more $$$$, but the 8 motors I've got from this supplier work and work well. Hacker motor specs are fairly accurate. You can run them at their specified power levels without issue. (My motors range from an A30, to a pair of 2500-3000 watt A60 units)


Last fall I was working with a club member with a giant scale jet with two ducted fans. The fan units were not cheap, over $500 each. Their specs indicated they would pull 85 Amps on a 6 cell LiPo. I actually measured 190 Amps each! Not even close.
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