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Well. I Finally got into the 'SERVICE' MENU, but it takes me about 9 (yes Nine) alternating flips of the Ail Rate switch and thumbwheel click. Instructions I had read earlier said about 5. So no wonder I wasn't getting in.
So at least I'm in there. I've swapped the stick ratchet and spring and the throttle restrictors plus the manual trim, plus I've removed the mode2 jumper on JP5 to get it into mode1 (which is what I want).
As far as the internal plug swaps I'm going to trust that to an expert, -I don't want to risk it.

I now have: Throttle RH, Aileron RH, Rudder LH, which are right for Mode 1, BUT my elevator LH stick operates elevator in one half of it's travel but in the other half it operates the throttle. (But this is with the Receiver throttle and aileron plugs swapped)


I'll keep at it.

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