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I've got into the Service menu at last.
I've changed my mode 2 radio to mode 1 after loads of researching on the internet. My radio is a 9503 and is US model because it has manual throttle trim.
Everything now works in mode1 properly, APART FROM the elevator trim, which now can't be changed, it's locked at 100% and won't move.
Frustrating, because it's a beautiful radio. Does anyone have 'REAL solid info' on this? A very experienced radio tech has been working on it, so it's not an amateur stuff-up situation. -I've seen all the stuff on changing stick modes on the 9303 and we're working with this, but my radio is a 9503 (nine FIVE). The boards are slightly different.

I'm wondering if I could set up a Flap/Elevator mix, (without a connection to the flap plug), then use the flap trim to move the elevator as a trim.
My Hover Pitch button brings up the FLP trim pop-up graphic on-screen. (?)
I suppose it depends on what exactly is causing the non-functioning elevator trim.
OR any other ideas?

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