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Default O K So I got 20% off BUT

In all fairness I need to E-Mail Rachel Williamson this complaint before I go off on Hobby Lobby C.S. But I'll just post the facts as they stand for now. I've recently become a new customer of Hobby Lobby cuz my son and I like their J Power EDF 64mm jets. WE ordered a F-4 N minni Phantom and a F-18 Tiger Striped ( airframe only ) and we're very happy with them. Then during the 20% off a $100. purchase or more sale in Oct. we ordered a J Power F-5 E Tiger jet and a Euro-Fighter part by part to get the whole air frame. The F-5 E came and was missing the foam block that holds the fan in the fuse. I E-Mailed Customer Service and they replied promptly with a R M A number to return the jet for replacement. Problem is R M A # is authorization to return it but I had to pay the $11.00 shipping. I saved $16 getting it on sale but have payed back $11. of that savings. O K live and learn. Then the fuselage of the Euro-Fighter (a very delicate part) was slightly crushed in shipping . Even though it was generously wrapped in bubble wrap. So Rachel Williamson says, "Allen Duff

I'm very sorry to hear that your package arrived damaged. I will need to file a claim with the carrier. They will contact you to pick up the kit. Once the carrier has the package in hand we will send you out a new kit or contact you with an alternative course of action if that kit is not readily available.

Rachel Williamson | Returns and Sales
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Well as of yet I haven't heard a word about U P S coming to inspect it. And after my experience with the shipping issue on the other jet , I've decided to repair the cracked fuse and forget about returning it. Even though it was well wrapped in bubble wrap it probably should have been double boxed because of it's delicate design. Att. Jason Cole , I know you will probably read this so these are the facts. Tell Rachel I've repaired the Euro Fighter fuse.

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