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Default Crushed by UPS!!

Originally Posted by idealhobbies View Post
Been there, seen it, done it, bought the Tee Shirt. UPS has crushed 3 airplanes and I've lost track of the crushed boxes. If I have the choice, I choose another carrier. If not, tell the shipper that you want "signature required". That way if it's messed up, they can't drop it and drive off. You'll be able to refuse the package and expidite things right from the door.

Ordered a roll of PolyCover from H/L & one other small item. UPS dropped it off @ the door last wk., & the long box was still bent in the middle @ about a 30deg. angle! The PolyCover roll still held that same angle, & was badly creased! And the inner cardboard tube seems to be completly collapsed!! Very little packing,!! Maybe there is no harm done, the crease might shrink out, or I can work around it!!

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