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What's amusing as never had the hover ability especially on sims. At least more than few brief seconds. Definitely not the accomplished 3D flyer.

However countless plus 15 second hovers are frequent in calm conditions, really a treat to see it hang in space, touch of altitude still my friend. Those with experience in 3D will do far better.

As brushed motor are mentions of it not going over 60 plus flights, nearing likely 40. But my error flights have done a number on the nose. Been a great ride todate.

Are better sims out there but the PicaSim is my best couple bucks spent off of iTunes for the iPad. The smaller 3D matches closely but doesn't give the built in stability for hover, else handling very similar.


Not shown are the two stick controls moved by touch, not a tilt screen, matches the transmitter. Like it!
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