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Originally Posted by rcers View Post
I did - you are approaching your resolution with e-Mail. They have not replied. Now it is time to pick up your telly and talk to them.

Not all companies do well with email. Most are much better positioned to handle it on the phone.

You have answered your own question - they clearly have email issues. Check. See if they do better by phone.

"Approaching... resolution with e-mail." YEP!

Know why? Because that is how Hobby Lobby sets up their Return Policy.

Do they have "email issues'? I don't know. That's why I asked the question, right?

I did get a response to my second email to them a few minutes ago with an apology, so my dissatisfaction with their lack of response has been satisfied (although too late IMHO).

That does not satisfy my annoyance with a company who sets up a well documented order process but gives no clear instructions on how to handle a cancellation. Troll around their website. It's very hard to find.

So... I wasn't looking for a suggestion on how to handle this issue, I was looking for information as to HL's efficacy on electronic customer service. I found out. They are not very good at it... so I will shop elsewhere.
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