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Well, I wasnt concerned about the AMA aspect really. I've been a member of a non-AMA club for years in addition to the AMA charter club I belong to.

I was mostly wondering why you didn't post something here about the event. Was it a club members only event or did I just not see the announcement?

I am curious about your statements about the AMA making it harder to get a flying site. The Non-AMA club I belong to decided to switch over to AMA charter earlier this year rather than stick to the private insurance we had been using. We found it - AMA club status - made getting into new flying sites and keeping our existing ones - easier rather than harder. No lawyers involved at all as far as I know.

Are you guys going with a private insurer or skipping out on that?

Both of the clubs I belong to operate on public land and we have most of our indoor flying on school or county owned property so insurance of some type is a must for us. AMA coverage worked out better over all as far as the land owners were concerned.

Anyway, congrats again and next year - make sure we know about it so we can attend as well
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