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Default HL Doesn't Read E-mail...

Anyone else have this problem?

Last month I placed an order with Hobby Lobby on the 17th, but had to cancel it on the 18th.

Since the 18th was a Sunday, I e-mailed "Sales" with the cancellation information.

Well... on the 27th they shipped the cancelled order and billed my debit card!

So... I emailed "Customer Service" on the 31st (using their form for returns) and here it is the 4th and they still have not even responded to me, much less resolved the problem.

My bank tells me they can "make it difficult" for a company who ships and bills without permission but I would prefer Hobby Lobby act like a responsible business and respond to their correspondence in a timely manner.

Any help here would be appreciated.

...The Bum
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