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I was asked what the difference was between my "Five Easy Piece" planes and the RCPowers Planes.
I don't know if my "Five Easy Piece" planes can be considered cousins to the RCP planes. You see the "5EZP" fuses are made quite differently.

They have do not use a profile core and internal horizontal fuse profile and multiple foam bulkheads like many of the RCP planes as well as many others do.
My Five Easy piece planes have fuse panels shaped so that they create when beveled and glued together a strong and essentially hollow shaped fuse with less than twice the foam of a profile plane.
This is what I call my 3DD fuselages.

Sometimes I use spongey foam for bulkheads to help cushion and hold the battery and I almost always run carbon across the fuse at or near the battery location.

I found not having an internal structure to be better in that, one it's lighter, and two, the fuselage is more easily repaired. The internal structure I found often crushes and drags the skin it is glued to with it on impact. I find my 3DD fuses most often split apart along a seam upon impact and are thus easier to tape and or glue back into shape. SO lightness and ease of repair are the two features of the five easy piece methodology.
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