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Originally Posted by Wildflyer View Post
On this plane I am using 1- 1/4" and 1- 1" spacer stacked up to give me 1 1/4" total.
The bolts are slightly wider at the firewall, because the previous owner had drilled the firewall for a nitro motor mount, I just used the same holes.

When I first saw this type of motor adjustment, I thought it would be kind of wobbly. I am very happy with how solidly the motor is mounted, it will NOT wiggle around. This particular motor is rated at over 1100 watts. I am running it at 850 watts on a 6lb trainer plane, it will go straight up or hover.

You can get the nylon tubes from a washer to maybe 2" long. I have seen them in sizes from appropriate for a 6/32 to a 3/8 bolt.
Use good strong bolts, I think they are working a bit harder than bolts holding an X mount directly to the firewall.

At a local industrial bolt supply company, I saw threaded nylon tubes. They could be fastened by a bolt coming through the firewall, and then the motor mount would be bolted from the front to the tubes. I am going to try this some time.

All of these pieces are very hard strong nylon, they will take a lot of force.

Sorry my plane is so dusty, I had it stored in my woodworking shop.
Thanks for the info and the picture as well. Looking at your plane, I think I will do the same for mounting mine. Great idea and execution, Thank you very much. I like your thinking outside the box. I have to pick up some pvc pipe as well to make an airplane stand for working on this plane.

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