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Originally Posted by tobydogs View Post
Spike, Sounds like your enjoying this build and in my book thats really important to the learning process. I'm enjoying following along your build so please keep sharing pictures....We love pictures of build progress here at Wattflyer. You have great plans to learning this hobby of rc flying. The fact your plans include a fellow pilot to help you fly should remove any further on why you love building planes.

The present existing motor box built on your fuse for a fuel motor will only require 4 standoffs made of metal or strong plastic type. all you need to do is set the nose cowel into place as per instructions. hold your motor so your sure your prop will clear the front openning and measure the space. order the standoffs and cut to size. bolt motor to existing motor box.....very easy!! you don't need to build a added box. if anything,I would reinforce the existing box by adding lite ply or basswood.

FACT!! the landing mount areas on a lot of ARFS are designed a little weak for a bumpy landing. I always beef this area up with thin ply and added epoxy. the weight added is far to little to consider not a good idea. I have flown ^0inch wing span kits and even with beefed up LG mounts have managed to knock a few off during rough landing. At least I consider a broken Lg one of the easiest repairs in case you don't do this added protection.
tobydogs has an excellent solution which I have also used with great success. Just be sure that the standoffs are exactly the same length or you will some thrust offset that could be detrimental if thrust is in the wrong direction. You might check and see if thrust offset is required for that particular plane. If so then that is another learning curve. Excellent decision to have an experienced pilot maiden the plane and get the initial trim setups. Take things slow and easy and don't try to rush yourself. Stick time is the best teacher.
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