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Correct. Your mount should center on the cross hairs. The firewall is built with 2-3 degrees angle in it. It is not perpendicular to the length of the model. This 2-3 degrees amount the the distance between the burned cross hair vertical line and your scribed layout line. As currently built, your prop will be that distance off center line of the length of the airplane. It should not be a problem to rotate the entire mounting assembly a bit if the new holes encroach on the current ones.

Here are some typical exit vents.

I just cut the film in a bay behind the wings/canopy about 1/4" from the balsa and sealing iron it down into the hole. If you don't have a sealing iron perhaps a WARM putty knife or something the like. About 280-310 degrees will do. Actually a clothes iron, if available, would be ideal.

Save the piece of film you cut out for the vent incase of future repairs!
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