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On my build of the General Hobby 60inch ws SBach, I used a eflite power 60 400kv,100 amp castle Ice esc, and two zippy batteries run in series =7cell. One 3cell,and one 4cell. both 4000mah 40c. I would rubber band them together and built a tray to keep them center inside the fuse and pushed all the way forward. 2 wide velcro straps also held them firmly in place along with velcro on the tray and battery so they stayed put up front. With a 17inch APC prop I had the best vertical climb of all my larger builds. The SBach was so light compared to kit builds.
Spike,you may also find the 8 or 9 cell batteries you use to be forward to get COG right. If you do,be sure to cut of and motor mounting bolts poking through the fire wall. this way if you land a nose-over,your batters can't slide forward into the bolt resulting in dreaded smoke or worse.
A suggested battery pair for the 110, two 4cell 4000mah 40c[or higher c rating] since you will be requiring many wot for awesome aerobatics. with the right prop you could also go 9 cells. I always pared batteries is series rather than buy a 8cell pack so I could use the individual batteries for other planes an cell count combinations.
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