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Default Super Cub my first RC Plane

The Super Cub is my first RC plane but in hindsight it would have been better to have gotten a smaller slower flying plane to learn on. The Super Cub is a bit too fast and powerful for the learner.

I would get 1 minute of flying followed by 2 hours of repairing. I'm not complaining. It's actually been quite fun to repair, modify and even improve the plane.

With duct tape, you can actually make the plane stronger than it was before. Reinforce the tail. I've had two super-cubs and broken the tail off both. I've duct tape that back on again and they were better than new.

Find a way to secure the gyros controlling the tail. The glue seal breaks and they unseat causing lack of control. Secure the computer better too. It always pops out of its holder.

I fly without the wing struts and it does just fine. They break easily and I finally got tired of replacing them so I just removed them and I haven't missed them. I do secure the wing with 6 rubberbands instead of the recommended 4.

When you fly, bring a repair kit with as well as spare batteries including a spare battery for the plane. Use the car charger while you drive to the location so your battery is 100% when you get there.

You will break the propeller so buy a few extras. Have the tools you need to replace it. I'm on my 4th propeller.

My final advice is throw the plane by hand your first few flights with throttle at 100%. Continue straight and climb high ... very high. Start turning slowly and continue to climb. Once you are up a few hundred feet, then you can start to practice your turns. Throttle back and glide to extend the battery life. Going slower will also give you more time to react and practice.

If you fly low, there is no room for error and you're going to be making a lot of errors. You need to give yourself time to recover from that spiral death roll.
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