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Originally Posted by dmetior View Post
Hi..After years of enjoying watching others fly all sorts of rc planes i decided to buy a super cub..I have only had it for approx 3 weeks.
I have had 2 or 3 goodish flights but iam having problems trying to stop it turning to the left and then crashing!!
This has only just started to happen.
I have also noticed that instead of banking while turning, it is actually swinging around,,(sorry if this sounds confusing lol!!).
Also it seems occasionally that the batteries dont seem to last long,, maybe 5 minutes or so!! I use the stock car charger, and also a wall charger that the car charger plugs into...
Any help would be much appreciated....many thanks!
First of all, welcome to WattFlyer!

A couple of things come to mind when I read about your problems. First of all, it is very important that the wing is centered perfectly over the fuselage. Make some marks on the centerline of both fuselage and wing, front and back, so that you can easily see that the wing is properly centered before flying.

Also, in order for the plane to bank into turns, the wing must have some dihedral in it (this applies to all 3 channel planes like the Super Cub, but not necessarily to planes with ailerons). That is, the wing must be angled slightly upward from the fuselage to the wing tips. Without dihedral, the plane will skid through turns. I have seen some people make the mistake of pulling out all of the dihedral by tightening down the wing struts and then complain the the plane flies badly.

The third thing that could be wrong with the wing (you said you have crashed a few times, right?) is that it could have been pushed back from where it is supposed to seat on top of the fuselage. After several very bad landings mine pushed backward a little, crushing the foam on the trailing edge of the wing. If that has happened to yours, fine something to fill in the gap in the back to push the wing forward. If the wing is too far back, your balance is going to be off and the plane will be hard to control.

As for the batteries, I never had much luck with the car charger. The wall charger seemed to charge my battery much better, but be careful to only use the wall charger if the battery is already mostly discharged. It's a timed charge, and overcharging a NiMH battery will shorten its life. Also, if you put the battery into the plane fresh off the charger, it will be much stronger.

Good luck!
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