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Originally Posted by dmetior View Post
Hi..what an excellent and quick reply.i really appreciate the time you took to post your excellent reply..I will do as you advise and let you know how i get on..Me and a friend have both bought these planes and are having the same problems..damage so far to my plane= 2 broken props, tail broken off, wing snapped, battery compartment torn from fuselage .. good job im not carrying passengers!! Iam not having much luck!! Any advise warmely welcomed......thanks again!!!
When making major repairs to the airframe, you have to be really careful to get evertything back into proper alignment. You probably already knew that, but I cannot stress enough how important it is.

Also, get yourself a computer simulator. Even a $20 one from eBay (ESky simulator with FMS software) will help a lot. When I first started into this hobby 20 years ago, there were no smilulators and no electrics either. I spent about $500 to get set up, then another $500 on airplanes that never flew more than 3 or 4 times before they were destroyed. Eventually my credit cards were maxed out and I put everything on a shelf to collect dust. About 2 years ago I got back into it, and with the help of that $20 eBay simulator, the first electric plane I bought is still flying. It's a Super Cub

BTW, I'm just now getting around to installing a wing spar and converting it to 4 channels. It has flown more or less stock all this time.
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