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Default Suggestion: Builders Kits, Accessories and Materials

First, my compliments on the new website. I am primarily a smallish electric powered scale R/C model builder and flyer. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find kits, accessories and materials needed for kit and scratch building at local hobby shops. I would like see HL become more of a "one stop shopping center" where I can order kits such as are offered by Dare, Dumas and Herr and all common brands (Dubro, etc) of accessories, wire sheet balsa and ply, materials and light weight iron on coverings and matching paints. It would also be good to be able to order short kits offered by Pat Tritle ( Pat's Custom Models) and various kit and short kit cutters like Manzano Laser Works.

I realize that these items are not currently big volume sellers and require considerable stocking and catalogging effort, but if HL would develop a reputation for having almost everything needed, it might be worth it to HL as well as all of us traditional model builders and ARFers that want to get into moldel building.

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