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Sorry for not posting the direct link, new posters cannot embed a link, so thanks for putting it in this thread.

The modification is really simple. If you are not getting the forward flight speed you want:

- remove canopy
- from rear of heli, on the right side, you will see a thin bar that connects the forward/reverse slide-servo to the swash-plate ball.
- gently pull the black clevis away from the swash-plate ball. Be careful to not break anything. You have to pull fairly hard, I used my fingernail.
- remove the bottom of the bar from the white servo slide
- screw the black clevis (with the hole in the end) clockwise about 4 times
Note: on some helis, this bar will be bent. I believe it's an easy way for the factory worker to adjust the forward flight. They bend it to shorten the bar instead of screwing the clevis down, which is the proper way to adjust it. I straightend mine out before making this mod.
- put the bottom of the bar back into the white sliding servo hole. Use the UPPER hole (which is where it was before). Check the left side of the heli to see how it fits in.
- pop the top black clevis back on the swash-plate ball. Place the hole over the ball and gently move back and forth while pushing it. It takes some force. Mine did not break, but be careful.
- put canopy back on, which effects the CG of the heli and you need to adjust with it on.

Now test fly. It will be faster going forward, and still have some reverse speed. You will need to adjust the neutral position as it probably will fly slowly forward with no stick. Just use the trim control on the transmitter, that's what it's there for.

Mine flys so fast forward I now use the dual-rate control to slow it down (push in the right stick on the transmitter to go to half-rate control. The red LED will blink).

If you want more or less forward flight, repeat this proceedure.
Remember: screw clevis clockwise for faster forward, counter-clockwise for slower forward.
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