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Default Are ESky servos worth saving?

I have an ESky 450 size heli that a buddy gave me a few years ago along with a box of other R/C goodies that he was going to throw in the trash. It's a VTEC DOHC heli. Hmmm, Double Overhead Cam heli? That's a new one on me! The heli is total crap and I'd never waste any time trying to make it fly. All plastic and somehow they made it even worse than an Align 450. Anyway.....I've stripped it and saved only what very few screws don't have stripped heads along with the 4 ESky 8gram servos that were installed. Three of the servos say ESky 8g with the 8G letters in red. Only one servos says 8G in green. I'm assuming the green one was on the rudder. I didn't pay attention as I was tearing the bird apart and depositing its carcass in the trash.

I did hook the servos up to my servo tester and they all work. Are these servos something you would trust in a fixed wing plane? I normally fly only Hitec in high dollar builds or lately EMax or Power Up servos from Heads Up R/C.

So....... Do I save these servos or toss them in the trash with the rest of the heli?


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