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Default Yepper as I thought

Originally Posted by xmech2k View Post
Well, for one thing, trim tabs on full scale aircraft are to relieve pilot workload. You wouldn't want to be pushing or pulling the joystick or yoke, or pushing one rudder pedal the whole flight to keep it flying straight.

It's also too complicated for model planes. A servo moves to a position and holds it. It won't get tired. Even if you had a trim tab (Which I guess would need another servo, double the weight, double the space, double the power consumption.) the servo moving the main flight control moves to that position and holds it anyways. Way too much complexity.

I guess on some models, you could use a trimming stabiliser for more aerodynamic efficiency, but what would the feedback mechanism be like to know, while your model is flying, that the elevator is deflected up or down and the stab needs trimming? I guess you could just rig the elevator straight, then mod your radio so the elevator trim switch just moves the stab up and down.
Thats is what I was thinking my uncle says I might need them and I said it was not the way to go, not needed no pilot, servos dont get tired,...
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