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There are also different types of tab.
A trim tab is usually directly controlled by the pilot to set the neutral load joystick position. The Auster had a bit of aluminium sheet fixed to the rudder which you bent after test flights until you were happy it was flying straight!
A servo tab, as done by Flypaper 2, reduces the load to move the control surface. Essential on larger aircraft before power assisted controls. Can also act as the trim tab.
Anti servo tab. Increases the control load. May be used on an 'all flying' surface where there is little or no natural aerodynamic load. Can also act as the trim tab.
A good example was used on the Slingsby Dart glider all flying tail plane.

So in theory at least you could use a micro servo on even a large model, after all only one man arm power is available to move the controls on a 60,000lb Lancaster!
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