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Originally Posted by JetPlaneFlyer View Post
Trim tabs dont work on RC models because for them to work the surface needs to be free to float against aerodynamic forces, as is the case in 'real planes'.. It's not the case in RC models where the surface is held rigidly by the servo.. A trim tab on an RC model would actually work opposite (but to a lesser extent) to it's effect on a full size plane.

And PS..Rodneh; balance tabs are not the weights on control surfaces that protrude forward.. they are called 'mass balances'... a totally different concept.
It is a matter of symantics, balance tabs can take many forms, often on models just weights that are forward of the hinge line to counteract or balance the weight of the surfaces or can be aerodynamically shaped structures that provide both weight forward of the hinge line and aerodynamic functions such as boost tabs accomplish.
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