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Originally Posted by Rodneh View Post
It is a matter of symantics, balance tabs can take many forms, often on models just weights that are forward of the hinge line to counteract or balance the weight of the surfaces or can be aerodynamically shaped structures that provide both weight forward of the hinge line and aerodynamic functions such as boost tabs accomplish.
I think you will find a balance tab is a specific thing, it's not a 'generic' name for any type of control surface balancing device. Specifically a 'balance tab' is a hinged tab on the TE of a control surface which is set up to move in the opposite direction to the main control surface movement. They are used to reduce stick forces, as illustrated here on this diagram from the NASA web site: A trim tab is similar in appearance but different in operation and purpose.

Aerodynamic balances and mass balances are different things altogether. Two types of aerodynamic balance (the horn type and the inset hinge type) along with a mass balance are illustrated here, also from NASA site:

The main NASA page the diagrams come from: (refer to sections 173-175)


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