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Default UMX Sbach 342 3D BNF Basic

Hi there,

I have been flying parkzone micros and enjoying them immensely since i can keep one in the car for after work and lunch breaks. However the motors don't seem to last very long (google search reveals a common problem apparently) so after looking around i found the e-flite micro with rave reviews.

Just a few quick questions since I am moving out of the territory of 1s 180mah 3.4 v and into the 2s variety.

The above comes with a 180mah 2s battery. I have a 1300 2s from another plane lying around and wondering if that would fry the motor and/or electrics of the e-flite.

I have read a few posts regarding batteries but a straight up answer would be appreciated since I am in australia with a very small flight population and not very informed hobby shops.

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