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The Final Anarchy Over Afton was one to remember. Pilots from Ohio, California, Kansas and Texas converged on the beautiful Afton Lake Flying site to duke it out in 28 rounds of RC Combat over the course of 3 Kansas summer days. The combat action was fierce in what felt like a world class combat marathon. By Sunday afternoon there were alot of sunburned, tired, but smiling faces. This, gentlemen, was RC Combat and camaraderie at its finest.

Thanks to Bill, Denney and Paul of the Witchita RC Club for making the event possible. Great Job!

Thanks to Bill and Jennifer for the food and hospitality. Y'all are the best !

It was good to have Bob Loescher come down from Ohio and support this event. Bob is a gentlemen and a great combat flyer. Thanks Bob.

Andy Erwin and his son Jason made the 20 something hour drive from California almost straight thru with only 2 hours of rest just so they could get in on the SSC and Limited B action on Saturday. With borrowed airplanes they made it thru every round of SSC and Limited B. Jason also flew Open B on Sunday and made California proud with a top 4 finish against the best Open B pilots breathing. Andy and Jason fit right in with this group and it was a pleasure getting to know them and a great experience flying with them. Y'all are welcome down in Texas as combat brothers anytime!

My fellow Texans. I'm proud to part of a sure nuff great group of Texas Hands. Thanks fellers for making the trip to Kansas one more time
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