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Originally Posted by Rabbitcreekok
No, but my Father rebuilt a real Staggerwing Beech for my brother. The micro one might be a great addition to my hangar.
I bet it’s a BEAUTIFUL restoration. P&W R-985-AN-1?

That is correct. The 450 is a great engine.

My Dad was in the crop spraying business beginning just after WWII and used Stearmans, about 25 of them, with the 450 in most cases. I helped tear one down that had broken a connecting rod and flew for 15 minutes back to the landing strip. The cylinder bases were braded into the crankcase, but it still ran until the pilot got it back on the ground.

He totally rebuilt the wood cabin for the Staggerwing restoration. I still have the old wood stored away. Don't know why. He also modernized a lot of the weaknesses in the Staggerwing by upgrading to a 28 volt electrical system.
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