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I keep my lipos in my pockets when it's close to freezing temps. I have a few that just can't seem to put out the amps if it's cold so I can't use them for high drain applications like a helicopter. Most show some signs of reduced capacity. I try to cover up cooling holes. Each model is a little different, if the pack gets worked enough to generate heat, they often keep themselves warm enough to work well. Little tiny batteries like my Parkzone Sukhoi are almost useless. I'm only flying down to about 25F. It's warmer 35F-45F often enough in the winters here in CO I don't usually go out much colder. I've read about wrapping them in some foam like RX foam to hold the heat they do generate.

I just threw together some floats for a home brew trainer out of scrap 1" foam board, coated them in packing tape and it's been flying GREAT in the snow! It's only a little bigger than a supercub and I'm sure they'd work great on the supercub too. I glued 1" sq 1/8 ply for mount blocks, added a second set of wire gear in the back. made micro mount straps from old hinges and screwed them in. I'm hoping they work even half as well off the water as they do on snow. The problem with scale size skis is they'll trip up in little hills/holes and a foot print will tip the plane. These floats are about 66% of the fuse length and I can sail across all sorts of bumps and tracks on take off and landing.
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